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Council Proceedings and Minutes

Council Proceedings

The Town of Radville is governed by elected officials which consist of a Mayor and six councilors.  They are elected as a representative at large.

The Town Office and Administration is your direct link to Council.  The staff are there to provide assistance to meet your needs and bring forth any issues to Council in a timely manner.

Council Members Handbook

Council Meeting Guide

Council Meetings

Council meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers of the Town Office located at 522 Healy Avenue.


It should be noted that any correspondence to Council becomes part of the council meeting thereby becoming public record.

Information must be submitted the Thursday prior to the council meeting date.


Public Attendance at Meetings

The public is welcome at any regular council meeting.  You will be there as an observer unless a request to the Town Office has been made to become a scheduled delegation the Thursday prior to the date of the meeting.

How to become a delegation at a regular council meeting

If you or your business/organization wishes to make a presentation to council, you are required to do the following:

  • must submit in legible writing a request to council the Thursday before the regular council meeting
  • the number of delegations to be present in front of council shall not exceed four
  • the delegation shall be allowed twenty minutes for their presentation


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Jan 5                          Jan 11                        Jan 9                        Jan 8

Jan 26                        Jan 25                        Jan 23                      Jan 22

Feb 9                          Feb 8                         Feb 13                      Feb 12

Feb 23                        Feb 22                       Feb 27                       Feb 26

Mar 9                         Mar 15                       Mar 13                       Mar 12

Mar 23                       Mar 28                       Mar 27                       Mar 26

Apr 13                       Apr 11                        Apr 10                        Apr 9

Apr 27                       Apr 25                        Apr 24                        Apr 23

May 11                      May 9                         May 8

May 26                      May 24                       May 23

June 29                    June 13                       June 26

July 13                     June 27                       July 24

July 27                     July 11                        Aug 14

Aug 10                     July 25                        Aug 28

Aug 24                     Aug 8                          Sept. 11

Sept 14                    Aug 22                        Sept. 25

Sept 28                    Sept 12                       Oct 10

Oct 13                     Sept 26                        Oct 23

Oct 26                     Oct 11                         Nov 13

Nov 9                      Oct 24                         Nov 27

Nov 23                    Nov 14                         Dec 11

Dec 14                    Nov 28

                              Dec 19